14 Best & Easiest Ways To Generate Income At Home

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Having an extra income can make you feel rich already if your day jobs covers your expenses. Here you will know how to earn money online in 14 different ways.

Creating an extra cash flow on the side doesn’t have to be complicated. Although having now been researching different methods of online income generation for two years now, I can safely say that every option does require a lot of work. That being said, there are many very straight forward ways for you to pursue a healthier income. Realistically it all comes down to how much effort you are willing to put in, what your goals are and just how much-automated income are you hoping to generate.

Do you think you could make an extra £200 a month? Of course, you could. Then maybe an extra £1000 per month? Would that change your life? For many, it would make for a dramatic change in lifestyle. But what if we considered more, thousands? Even tens of thousands? How would you change your future? It’s obvious that you can make and earn money online. You just have to decide how much you are willing to dedicate yourself.


Much of our day consists of extra time, but often it doesn’t feel like that. When really it doesn’t take that much time at all to make some extra cash on the side. You’re not going to be a millionaire overnight- majoritively it will be smaller projects made to generate some fast money, and depending on your own skillset, you can quite easily make over £1000 per month.

Below we have 14 options for you to consider when thinking about working from home in the (hopefully) near future.


1. Become a virtual assistant:

virtual assistant

This is something I’ve actually done in the past for a very small company and the easiest way to describe it is managing and completing tasks for others digitally (all from home) such as taking calls, sending emails, managing schedules, and so on.

If you’re extremely organized already then you won’t find much resistance choosing this route to go down, you can perform any digital function from home that may be required of you as well as from anywhere in the world and earn money online!


You can start finding work easily on sites like Remote.co, indeed.com, and Upwork. Search for existing jobs and then bid for the work itself by promoting yourself and bartering prices. Its worth mentioning that you will need competent communication skills a fluency in English as well as knowledge in the most popular web and business software applications all of which can be practiced and learnt online.


2. Sell stuff on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist:

sell on ebay, amazon, flipkart

A portion of our online society is earning a full time wage by selling items on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Start doing this yourself by selling unused items at home, or even help sell items for friends and family while taking a small commission. Selling on sites like eBay and Amazon offer more resistance than Craigslist and you’ll need to establish yourself with positive reviews before you can think about moving on to higher value items.


Although, eBay and Amazon do provide plenty of learning material for sellers to help you get on your feet when beginning to sell on their platform. Take your time, do your research extensively. If you already have some strong online marketing skills, you’ll be finding this much smoother than if you’re a completely new to the world of online marketing.


3. Trade cryptocurrency:


As the world evolves, so does our way of making payments. What was laughable less than a year ago will ultimately become the preferred method for exchanging value. A Gallop poll found that only 10% of people claimed to use cash as their preferred payment method in 2016 (down from 19 percent in 2011).


While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, they will inevitably become our standard monetary asset. Bitcoin and Etherium might be the primary cryptocurrency platforms today, but the US Dollar will eventually become the Digital Dollar by leveraging the block-chain. I am and you should also make the most of the current trend in cryptocurrency by trading it through platforms like Binance and Kraken, along with many many others and earn money online.


Cryptocurrency is not an endeavor you want to begin blind or without first doing more than extensive research as to what assets you’re going to be getting into, as well as ONLY trading with money that you are willing and able to lose as nothing is a guarantee in any form of trading. Please be responsible and learn from your mistakes, remember small wins/losses are better than big wins/losses.


4. Online tutoring:

onlime tutoring

Websites such as Skooli, Tutor Me and Tutor.com provide many resources for starting in the online tutoring world. While you don’t necessarily have to use a platform like these, they create an easier entry point into the market and to earn money online. Why not search for online tutoring gigs on a combination of other sites like Freelancer, Upwork etc.


So what can you tutor online? Well you can easily tutor a subject like math or science, or teaching a language if you’re bilingual. If you’re a musician you could tutor others across the globe with your talent, and these are just a few ideas, do your own research and i’m sure you can find one better tailored to suit you.


5. Sell services on Fiverr:

sell on fiverr

Fiverr has grown rapidly since its first gig. Now, it’s an incredible marketplace where you can sell just about any service you can think of. This is amazing if you’re thinking of ways to make money online as a digital traveler or even while sitting at home on your laptop while in your underwear.


So what can you sell on Fiverr? Well, pretty much anything from graphics and design services to digital marketing, writing and translation services, video and animation services, music and audio, programming and application development, business services, and lifestyle services which includes anything from gaming to Celebrity impressions.


6. Build sales funnels:

sales funnels structure, work from home

You’ll start to notice every successful business has an automated sales funnel. Yet, so many entrepreneurs are completely unaware of the power of an effective sales funnel. Sales funnels provide perfect automation in the sales process. They help you build a relationship with your audience and develop a bond with the consumer. You can find many tools on Google that you can use to build a sales funnel, but the most successful tunnels are often created with custom-code.

The best sales funnels often start with a free offer, also called the lead magnet. By delivering value in the lead magnet, you will create trust with the consumer. In the next step, you’d usually find what’s called a self-liquidating offer or a trip wire. These are deals that are hard to pass up, often for £7 to £47. The front-end offer is usually found beyond that along with one-time offers to help boost the lifetime value of the customer and the average cart value.


While there are considerable technical methods when it comes to sales funnels, understanding them quickly could set you up for a higher degree of online marketing success. They will also help you scale your business by optimizing a conversion rate, and from that simply expanding your ad spend.


7. Rent out your home:

home renting vector

Another incredible way you can make money at home is to actually rent it out. Yes that’s right rent out your home online. AirBnB has carved a pretty sizable industry out of holiday rentals. While the market did actually exist prior to AirBnB’s arrival, it’s really has grown stupendously since its arrival.


In 2017, AirBnB purchased luxury vacation rental provider, Luxury Retreats, and other consolidations in the marketplace have happened with leading sites like InvitedHome’s acquisition of PPG rentals and Seasoned Dreams’ platforms, and Expedia’s $3.9 billion acquisition of another vacation rental giant, HomeAway. The market is booming and the time is perfect to get started, no matter how big or small your house or flat is.


So how about it? Rent out your home while you’re on holiday or away and make some extra cash!


8. Launch an ecommerce site:

launching ecommerce

Online Ecommerce is booming. While Amazon takes the lion’s share, consumers are buying by the thousands when they can get great offers everday. In fact, some of the leading online marketers are using free-plus-shipping ecommerce and book funnels to make small fortunes. This comes back to the implementation of sales funnels within an ecommerce environment. Much of what many people think about traditional ecommerce stores is that they take months or even years to build and costing a small fortune to put together is so far from the reality.


9. Start a blog:

how to start a blog

Blogs are surprisingly quite possibly one of the best ways to earn a passive income, even while traveling the world. You may think starting a blog might be simple and it is but you will need to put in the work and the effort to start seeing any reward. Get started now and enjoy the benefits later.


You see once that blog gains momentum, generating an income, and scaling out your business is very straightforward. Quite simply create more content and have a line up of more offers. When your blog grows in popularity, you may be able to attract others willing to write for you simply in exchange for an all-important link back to their own sites and earn money online.


10. Build your own business:

start your business, work from home

There are plenty of ideas for lucrative new businesses in 2020 that you can start from the comfort of your own sofa. While beginning with them is easy, actually putting in the effort to market and grow those businesses is slightly more challenging. The hardest part is of course seeing them through.


You’re probably thinking you could launch a regular business selling someone else’s products, but why do that when you could invent your own product entirely. While businesses based on inventions might seem impossible, with everything seemingly already invented, they do present attractive investment opportunities to many famous entrepreneurs like the dragons of BBCs Dragons Den.

Here I am generating my passive income by selling online training courses and getting 100% commission. It is easy to make $25-$125 daily. As it is a low investment program where you can learn from the course by the team of professionals and then you can RESELL it and get 100% commission from the very first sale.

Click Here: To know more about it. Here you can watch the video and understand it better and then join to earn money online.


11. Create webinars:

webinar vector, create webinar

I’ve spoken to many people obsessed with the webinar route for making money online. Building out automated webinars is one of the most useful skills you could possibly have, there are entrepreneurs who have made 100’s of million in sales through webinars just by selling other people’s products and not their own.


Webinars follow a specific template and format. They’re formulaic. If you can master that formula, you can create a huge presence in this space. Search for a great business idea and/or opportunity that you can start selling that will deliver huge amounts of value.


12. Social media management:

social media icons

Social media management is a great way to generate an income from home. Considering how this is a part of everyday life for almost everyone, businesses are rushing to fight their way in front of prospects. But, most businesses haven’t got any idea how they can increase their presence. This is where you come in.


Starting a social media management business might take some time and effort, but absolutely worth it and you can earn money online. You can charge an impressive monthly fee for each business to help manage their social media, which can allow you to make it your full time income.


13. Affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing structure, work from home

One of my absolute favorite ways to make extra money from home is with Affiliate marketing, this industry has a very low friction entry into selling products online. While you do need an audience of some kind to sell these products or services to, you can make a tremendous amount of money from home while doing it. Some products or services have very high profit per click.

Which means that if done correctly, you could quite easily make a large profit on conversions by driving traffic to specific offers as long as you target the right audience.


You can find affiliate marketing offers on sites like ClickBank, CJ.com and Rakuten LinkShare, and plenty more. Search for the right offer and be sure that you present it to the right audience and absolutely do NOT spam people with it. Remember to do all your marketing ethically.


If you’re wondering how I myself got into affiliate marketing (which I’ve now applied successfully across multiple platforms) then be prepared for this articles HOTTEST TIP:


It all began when I first started my adventure into the online marketing world, much like you are now. I was searching through ClickBanks top partners and came across Patric Chan. Patric has for many years been ClickBanks Platinum Award winner, generating significant revenue into the millions of dollars for ClickBank, this quickly drew my interest. Reading further into it I realized that I myself had similar skills that I could use to create revenue similarly, the only problem was I didn’t know where to start. This is the moment I decided I had to invest time, perhaps even money into myself to learn more. Immediately I downloaded ‘The Digital eCom Workshop – cliff notes’ and after waiting eagerly for it to finish I began taking my first steps into becoming successful online.


From the very first page I was hooked, could it really be this simple? From front to back it was as if God himself had delivered the ‘How to’ Bible of creating sales online.


So that was it, I had to start immediately, I continued through Patrics Online Learning resources and have DOUBLED my income since then. To this day I still follow many of his live seminars as a now lifetime member of his learning material. So how do you get access to this Holy Grail of information for yourself you ask?


Well have I got something for you; to get you started with your online journey too, I’ve been provided ( By Patric himself no less) links to not just the cliff notes from his Digital eCom Workshop that I first paid for, for FREE, he also has an 80% ECONOMIC CRISIS DISCOUNT to the lifetime access I myself have, making it only $49 paid one time only for LIFE. (Links Below)


I understand many of you believe these offers too good to be true, but I can assure you they are not, my own success and the success of many others has come from Patrics learning material and I’m sure many more will follow, maybe even from this humble blog. But if you are still not fully convinced then I urge you to at least give it a go, after all, there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you really do have nothing to lose.


Click here for The Digital eCom Workshop Cliff Notes

Click here for the Lifetime access to everything Patric has to offer


14. Create online courses:

online courses

Be aware that this does take some upfront investment of time and money but that being said. As with every other passive income business, if you do the work you will be rewarded over time.


Use whatever skill you have and research a method of building an engaging course around it. Use sites like Udemy or Teachable to build those courses then start marketing and earn money online!


Or find them on Instagram @be.more.motivated

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