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To The People That Want To Make Passive Income 

But Don’t Know How To Earn Money Online

If you have ever heard of passive income, you’ve probably heard that passive income allows you to earn money online from home, while you sleep. You no longer have to worry about arriving late to work or getting dictated by your boss because you won’t need a job to make money online.

With passive income, you no longer have to be assaulted by an alarm clock in the morning or deal with your annoying boss at work. You can do whatever you want, when you want, and buy whatever you want, without looking at the price tag. With passive income, everything is automatic. Meaning that it requires little to no maintenance to keep that cash stream flowing.


But remember…….

In order to create passive income, it may take a substantial amount of time, and possibly even money, to create a source of passive income that will provide you with sustainable income. So read the full blog on how to earn money online.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve complete financial freedom, then keep reading.
Here are 8 ways for making money online ideas that you can do right now to make passive income and achieve full financial freedom.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is probably one of the best, and most powerful ways of making passive income to ever exist. However, it’s not an easy one. Like we said before, it takes time and effort to build a sustainable source of passive income. And the same thing applies to affiliate marketing.

To put it simply, affiliate marketing is when an affiliate (you) earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s product. The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you may simply choose to market a product that you love (toys, tech gadgets etc.), promote the product on your website and earn a piece of the cash that is made from each sale that is made through the affiliate link you are given by the owner of the product.

While any “regular” job requires you to work in-house to make money, affiliate marketing allows you to make money at home, online. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need a large following of users. In other words, you need a big platform with a large audience. This is a great way to sell products and services that you don’t own, and a great way to make a healthy passive income stream.

  • Copywriting

Copywriter with pen and cup

Copywriting is the art of writing sales promotions and other marketing materials for businesses. It involves using the power of writing persuasive marketing messages to convince people to take action and buy a product/service. Unlike the academic writing that we learn at school, copywriting focuses more on getting people to buy using simple English rather than using complicated words to sound smart.
Everything, from social media ads to TV commercials to web articles, all had a copywriter that wrote the words that persuaded people to buy the advertised product. What’s great about being a copywriter is that you don’t have to be in-house. You can work from anywhere in the world, and you – the copywriter – can make a substantial income from this.

And since copywriters are some of the most in demand (and always will be) professions in the world, there will always be businesses that are looking for copywriters. Right now, there are copywriters that are making 5,6 and even 7 figure incomes working from home or even at the beach. The best part is that you don’t need a degree or a lot of capital to become a copywriter. As long as you have a laptop, internet and great writing skills, your good to go.

  • YouTube

Youtube Application with man

YouTube has made it absolutely possible to make money online from what you love. There are tons of YouTube channels out there that tackle any topic that you can think of. And a lot of YouTubers with big followings are earning good money in exchange for making videos on YouTube. Pewdiepie – who has over a 100 million subscribers – earns an annual income of $13 million from YouTube alone.
Would you be able to make that much money from YouTube? Maybe not. But as long as you love making videos about your passion (gaming, travel, etc.), YouTube can be a fun way for you to earn income, and possibly make a living from it.

  • Create An Online Course

Online Course

If you have any skills or passions that you can teach others, you can set up an online course that you can market online. Nowadays, you can find online courses that can teach anything from cooking to cleaning to marketing and so much much more.

Creating an online course through sites like Udemy and Teachable are a great way to make automated income. There are so many things that can be taught through an online course, such as playing the guitar, learning a new language or becoming a photographer. And since online learning is now gaining in popularity, that means more you’ll have a much better opportunity to make more money.

  • Start A Blog/Website

blog online money

Blogs can generate a tremendous amount of income, but not right away. When starting a blog, you have to be very clear about the niche that you are in, as well as determining who your target audience is. What’s great about it is that you can write a blog about anything that you are passionate about. Whether it is gaming, cooking or gardening, you are bound to find an audience that will engage with your blog.
And once your blog becomes popular, it can provide you with the necessary platform and audience that you need to generate multiple streams of income by marketing relevant products and services to your visitors through affiliate links and Google AdSense.

  • Produce An Audiobook

audiobook iphone
If you love listening to audiobooks, you might love producing them even more. Being a narrator for audiobooks is a great way to make an incredible amount of passive income, if you do it right. You can use Audible’s ACX platform to provide your beautiful voice and become a narrator for some of the best audiobooks available. Just remember that whenever you choose to narrate a book, make sure that you pick royalty share so that when the audiobook is sold, you will receive continuously receive a commission.
However, when you choose to use this as a passive income source, make sure that you focus on delivering an enormous amount of value and ensure that you use a high-quality microphone.

kindle E-book person use
If you have ever dreamt of being an author, now is the time to make it happen. Writing and publishing an e-book provides a great opportunity to make passive income. Non-fiction books that educate your audience on topics such as personal development, business and marketing are some of the best-selling genres today.
That isn’t to say that fiction books can’t make good money, but it is very competitive, especially if you are not a well-known and established writer like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King. To do this, you can use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform and publish e-books that will fill the gap in the needs of popular genres.

photgraphy camera money
If you have a passion for photography, why not make money while doing it? If you are looking to make money off of your passion, you can submit some of your best photos to stock photo sites like DepositPhotos, Shuttershock and iStockPhotos. Sites like these are where magazines, websites and blogs often get their photos. And who know? Maybe they could use one of yours.

When you do this, you will receive a continuous commission every time someone purchases one of them. But remember, you will be competing with hundreds, if not, thousands of other photographers. So, you will also need to understand photography and have some really good editing software to thrive in this market. These are the ways how to earn money online.

Make Money Online Easily But Do You Still Want To Achieve Financial Freedom ?

We’re not going to lie. Making passive income takes time. We have given you some ideas on how you can generate money online, now it is up to you whether or not you will achieve financial freedom. Read the full blog on how to earn money online. Now Start earning online.
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