Most Popular Chinese Apps and their Indian Alternatives | What is Remove Chinese Apps on Play Store?

Remove China Apps, china apps alternatives

Whole world blaming China for Coronavirus pandemic either directly or indirectly and need to exchange Chinese products with other products. With the conflict between countries because of coronavirus pandemic, everyone wants to boycott third-party Chinese applications and support the official products. However, most users face problems while finding the most effective alternative for the Chinese … Read more

Wonderla Amusement Park | Water Rides, Land Rides, High Thrill Rides & Kids Rides |

wonerla amusement park

If you are in Bangalore and looking for the fun things to do then Wonderla Amusement Park of Bangalore is the most amazing place to visit and enjoy. There is no better experience than the Wonderla Amusement Park. you can have a thrilling experience of water rides, land rides, and much more fun ride. It … Read more

Negative Crude Oil Prices | WTI and Brent Price Chart of 10 Years & News |

crude oil

Negative Crude Oil Prices, Will it affect us ? As on 19th April 2020, crude oil observed a negative price. Does it mean that the companies are paying buyers to buy crude oil? Does it mean that now petrol pump stations will pay you to fill your tank? It is a historical marker that the … Read more

Capital Punishment | Definition & Debate | What is Capital Punishment ? |

capital punishment

  Is Capital Punishment/Death Penalty Effective? India is a well developing country at the same time lots of crime rates were increasing nowadays. It consist of large number of crimes and criminals. The motive of punishments is that the wrongdoer should suffer and to discourage others from doing wrong. Capital punishment is imposed for the … Read more

America selling $10 Million Weapons to India

america selling weapons

Corona virus is rampant around the world. The number of infected and dead is increasing every day. In the meantime, the United States of is going to sell Harpoon Block Two missiles and lightweight torpedoes to India. America selling $10 Millions weapons to India. That’s what the Trump administration issued a notice on Monday. Missiles … Read more

Lockdown 2.0 | All About Lockdown 2 in India | What is Lockdown ? |

Stay at home

On 24 March, the government of India under prime minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure towards the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic in India. All about lockdown 2 in India But on the 14th of April sharp at 10 am PM … Read more

“PM has taken correct decision to extend lockdown” said Arvind Kejriwal

The lockdown which came into effective on march 25,was to end on April 14, but it seems that world largest democracy is likely to stay under lockdown among bit longer, due to Covid-19 pandemic. PM has taken correct decision lockdown. The news has not yet been made official by the government but Delhi CM Arvind … Read more

Corona Virus Shutdown set to see cancellation of 2020 Indian Premier League

With India currently on a 21-day lockdown to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, the future of the 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the nation’s biggest sporting event, hangs in the balance. IPL 2020 Cancelled Due to Coronavirus. Based on advice from the Indian Government, the Board of Control for Cricket … Read more