History of Corona Virus

A Deadly virus of all time. Everybody have become familiar with the name Corona. But did you know history of corona virus become deadly virus of all time? From which 18 lakhs people are infected and 50000 people have died. And the most important think which makes this virus more dangerous is that there is no cure of this corona virus, no vaccine has been developed to fight against corona virus.

corona virus affected map

So today we will be discussing about the history of corona virus, how it came to existence, how It become a deadly virus and what will be the outcome of corona virus on the Indian economy.
From the past 20 years WHO kept eyes on two biggest Nations first China and t

he second one is India, because they knew that if there is any outbreak of any virus in between these two countries the world will have to suffer. Because China and India both are top populous countries and also many people of India as well as China people live near slums, and pollution is also more.

 economy crisis caused by corona virus

WHO was right on 31st December 2019 covid-19 came into existence in Wuhan China. But they wear not aware of this virus even though they didn’t give attention to it . Many people have died here because of corona virus but China didn’t respond towards it, but when the WHO  know about this virus they warned China that without, ‘ lying tell us each and everything about this virus’ and also how it came to existence.

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WHO was strict at this time because in 2002 a virus name SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) was spread among the people of China. but the government of China tries to hide this news from the the international media , but it was not easy at all. International media cover this news and WHO takes control until then 800 + people where dead.

But this time Who did not want China to hide information related to Corona virus. China told each and everything related to corona virus to the world but that information were not  enough, people were surprised that how this novel corona virus came into existence even though WHO was also confused that how this virus is spreading , is it spreading from human to human, or from animal to human the data were not clear enough .

covid 19 vs flu
Corona virus came into existence like normal flu but it was not that much normal.
The name ‘Corona’ is derived from its structure. When scientist see this Corona virus from the microscope they found that Corona virus consist a ring like structure . The ring looks like crown of the king, and from here this virus got its name corona virus.

Corona virus is basically a family of many viruses of different different category. Some are harmful while other are normal flu. Corona virus is not a  new virus, we have seen its type in 2002 in China (SARS).
Even who don’t know about this virus , they somehow released some of the basic guidelines to protect yourself.

Prevention of corona virus

  • Cover your face with a mask,
  • Avoid hand to hand contact.
  • Wash your hands at every 1-2 hours.
  • Stay away form the people who have fever, or cold.
  • And last thing avoid going to public places and stay at home.

While listening to these guidelines you may think like who is doing formality  by releasing these guidelines, but what to do, when they don’t know about something.
Human lungs are like a sponge which absorb the air and release it, but the lungs of infected person are not like this, corona virus makes them hard enough and due to this breathing problem occurs.

The main problem with this virus is that it mutates, it’s gene changes all the time and due to this problem scientists and doctors are not able to find a vaccine of it.


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