Perfect Skin Care By These Simple Home Remedies – 6 Effective Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

rubbing ice on face

Benefits of Rubbing Ice on Face Glowing face makes women look stunning and attractive. But due to the pollution maintaining a glowing and radiant skin is becoming difficult.  Here, we have 6 Effective Beauty tips for glowing skin. Facials and spa treatment are good for refreshing your skin but they are expensive and time taking. … Read more

Perfect Color That Will Give Royal and Expensive Look | Best Dress Colors of 2020

perfect color

6 Perfect Color That Will Give You “Royal Look” Choosing a dress with perfect color reflects our standard as well as our state of mind. Apart from dress fabric, the color of the dress creates the overall look. If you would follow these parameters for perfect dress color then under normal budget the dress will … Read more

Life After Lockdown | Permanent Work From Home?

Life After Lockdown We will have our social etiquettes transformed in the post lockdown phase as people emerge into a wary new world. Life after lockdown is a new beginning with corona.  The first question that comes into the mind is, “what will our social life after the extended lockdown ends?” Will we go out … Read more

5 Best Foundations for All Type of Skin at Affordable Price

best foundation

The Best Foundations Perfect For Your Skin We are always concerned about our make-up. We are always confused that what we should choose to give a perfect finish look. At the same time availability is also one of the major problems. Sometimes we know about the product but can’t get it. More than that cost … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Danduruff | Dandruff Home Remedies For Both Boys & Girls

dandruff remedies

What Is Dandruff And How It is Transmitted? Dandruff may vary from person to person. Someone may have oily flakes while others may have dry flakes. Dandruff is a kind of fungal infection. There are various kinds of dandruff. However, the most common is the small pieces of dead skin which is mostly availed by … Read more

 Workout Myths That Have Been Unmasked by Studies | 8 Exercise Myths


The workout regime is one of the foremost common things to stay up. Despite our best intentions to begin the exercise with new year’s resolutions, we tend to line it aside terribly quickly. We forget our resolutions by setting alternative things as priority, and any thoughts of misconception about exercise restrain us from working out. … Read more