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On 24 March, the government of India under prime minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure towards the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic in India. All about lockdown 2 in India

But on the 14th of April sharp at 10 am PM Modi extended the nationwide lockdown by 19 days to May 3, 2020.

Yesterday, while addressing the nation PM Modi introduced 7 points . And also why they are crucial for India during lockdown 2.0.


The 7 points are as follows :

1. Special care of elderly and persons with underlying medical conditions

indian old man

This is just because there is a much higher Fatality rate of 10 -15 % for elderly people and also for the People who are in underlying medical conditions. The best example is Italy. But we can use an effective technique of ‘Reverse quarantine‘ or ‘ cocooning’ like Germany did. That strategy will work as a ‘German model’.

2. Social distancing And masks

lockdown Social Distancing Corona virus

According to the reports of the Health Ministry of India ‘without these measures which were taken by India 8.2 Lakhs cases have been in India by now’. Social distancing And masks are the biggest effective tools to fight against the Corona pandemic.

3. Improve immunity


Yesterday while addressing the nation PM said strong Immune people don’t need medicine and ventilators. Studies suggest 80% of infected have mild symptoms. Also Modi Ji said that we should drink boil water and do meditation to improve our Immune system. And for this Ministry Of AYUSH guidelines are available.

4. Aarogya Setu App

arogya setu app


This app is based on Korean Model Of Rapid Tracking. This app uses Bluetooth and location generated social graphs which help us to inform the Risk of contacting COVID-19 patients. To make it effective at least 50% of India’s population must download it for better results.

5. Helping The Poor

lockdown Helping the poor

After the lockdown the daily wage workers are the worst affected by it. The get paid daily not monthly, 92.5% of labor lost their work. 81% of labor class can run out on daily rations by the end of lockdown 2.0, this is not the only problem, if a single person moved out in search of food can turn the entire area into COVID-19 hotspot.

Example – Dharavi, So we should help the poor people.

6. Do Not Fire Any Employee

indian office

90% of the workforce is informal with no social security, they work in the private sector. At this critical situation job loss leads to depression, anxiety and thus increases vulnerability to diseases.

7. Respect Frontliners


From the past few days Doctors, health staff, policemen were being assaulted a number of times by society. We should not do this act of discrimination with them, they work 24 hours without getting rest also they cannot go to meet their family members.

Administration and health staff are the last line of defense. If they become unable to deliver it will lead to catastrophe. PM Modi also announced that Some areas will start opening after the 20th of April. So following these guidelines will make any area Frontrunner in ‘Exit strategy’ or opening of Economy.

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