America selling $10 Million Weapons to India

Corona virus is rampant around the world. The number of infected and dead is increasing every day. In the meantime, the United States of is going to sell Harpoon Block Two missiles and lightweight torpedoes to India. America selling $10 Millions weapons to India. That’s what the Trump administration issued a notice on Monday. Missiles and torpedoes cost $ 10 million.

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In this regard, the US Defense Security Co-operation Agency states in two separate notices that the cost of five missiles was $ 5.2 million and that the cost of 1 torpedo was $ 1 million. The Pentagon States the Indian government recently sought to buy the two weapons.

They also states that the Harpoon missile system can be used on P-4I aircraft that can be used on anti- surface warfare missions and states India will not have any problem with the attachment of the missile to the military. They are saying that India is buying them to strengthen the country’s security.

The notice also shows that Boeing and Torpedo are supplying Raytheon with Harpoon missiles.

The release said that the proposed purchase would help India in the face of current and future enemy weapons. The Mk3 lightweight torpedo will be extremely effective in the destruction of the ship. So this states that America selling $10 millions weapons to India.

They are saying that India is buying them to strengthen the country’s security.

america selling weapons to india

According to the Pentagon, purchasing these materials in India will strengthen both US foreign policy and national security. This will increase the strength of the India-US strategic alliance. It will also help maintain stability in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific region.

It should be noted that Harpoon missiles are manufactured by Boeing and Raytheon is supplying torpedoes.


Credit : Saira Akter Jelly

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