8 Tips to Master PUBG

Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is a multidimensional and one of the most trending game in this world. If your are new to the game or if you are facing trouble mastering the game, use these simple PUBG tips and tricks to conquer enemies.

Choose your device wisely

playing pubg on mobile, pubg tips and tricks

First and foremost, thing you need to decide if you are new to PUBG is to choose your device with which you want to play the game very wisely, and also once you have chosen say mobile then just stick to it. In simple words keep consistency.

Train Yourself

PUBG Sanhok ground, pubg tips and tricks

You might have heard the saying “Practice makes men perfect”. PUBG provides us a training mode within which you can try everything before countering your enemy in a match to train yourself. You can learn the use of all the grips, muzzles, mags, recoil and differentiate among them for picking best for yourself.

⦁ Watch PUBG Streams

pubg streaming, pubg tips and tricks

You can also watch PUBG streams on youtube. Many good players stream their game on youtube and facebook. Watch them playing and learn new dimensions of the game.

⦁ Play on Different Servers

Do not stick to just one server say Asia. PUBG has below mentioned servers:

  1.  North America
  2.  Asia
  3. Europe
  4. South America
  5. KRJP


Play on different servers to get the best competition. It will also help you maintain your rating in all the servers as good as possible.

⦁ Strategize your game

PUBG M249 shooting, pubg tips and tricks

Strategy plays a vital role if you wish to have chicken dinner in PUBG. Sometimes you have to stay defensive, sometimes you have to rush on the enemy. You have to make a strategy before starting the match. Your strategy or plan of action should start from the question “where to land” and end at “when to rush”.

⦁ Keep an eye on map

pubg map, pubg tips and tricks

PUBG is a multi-dimensional game. You have to keep your eyes on the map as well for the possible enemy attack and the direction of your enemy and for the play-zone. Map will show the direction of enemy, if the enemy is near you. You can see the footsteps of your enemy on the map. Also use good quality earphones for all the footsteps which are not even on the maps.

⦁ Conquer with good teamplay

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A team is always better then alone. Don’t try to be lone wolf. Try to be a team-player. If you will be together you will increase the chances of winning a chicken dinner. Miscommunications or any distance with you other team players might result in an early death.

⦁ Customize your controls

A Player Playing PUBG on Mobile

Did you know that you can customize everything including controls in PUBG?
Go to settings and then tap on controls and customize them as per your preferences. Some people set the controls in a way to enable themselves for playing with three fingers or some set them for playing with four fingers. You choose as per your preference.

A good reader should always be awarded. Here is a bonus PUBG tips and tricks in terms of your award for reading.

Bonus Tip :

Take care of your eyes while playing PUBG. Keep your device at a distance and use antiglare glasses to protect your eyes because I’m sure once you have mastered the game with these tips you will start loving the game.


Credit : Raghav Lakhotia

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