Smart Life Hacks | 10 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier |

All of us want to carry out our activity in an easier way which saves our time along with a reduction in the cost. Using a life hack can free up your time so that you can give time to your other work. Smart life hacks are the tricks or the shortcut skill used to do the work. Moreover, it is interesting to learn things that could be better done or in a smart way. The work done smartly increases your productivity and creativity.


If you want to make your every day easier here are some smart tricks



Suitcase,bag with tag


  • It is difficult to find your things in the crowd, try to use a small piece of cloth or fabric material to tie to your thing like a bag, purse, suitcase, etc. it saves your time to check whether the bag is yours or not. You can use cute things such as colorful bow or ribbon. Also, you can use a key chain.


Close up photography man


  • If you want to make your smile genuine while clicking the picture try to squint your eyes it makes your smile look more beautiful and genuine.


Name tag keyring


  • Use the different colors for your keys. You can use nail polish or other watercolors, markers,etc to color your various keys. It makes your key to looking unique and identifiable.


Box, sewing


  • If your drawer contains lots of things which makes difficult to find the things later then use various cardboard compartment in the drawer, like each section for things to keep you can use small boxes to store things in your drawer. It will save your time to search for your specific thing.


glass filled with strawberry juice


  • While eating strawberries use a straw to remove the stem of the strawberry.


Water Bottle Plastic, life hacks


  • If you want to increase your water consumption but you forgot. Mark signs on your water bottle which needs to be drunk within time. You can write time on your bottle with the marker.


Clothespin, Smart life hacks


  • While hammering nail use clothespin to hold it, it will make your nail immovable so that you can hammer your nail.


Tea bag, Smart life hacks


  • If you are having smell shoes then place tea bag inside your shoes, tea bags helps to absorb the smell. If your shoes are smelly and wet use a mixture of rice and baking soda.


Glass,drink,bar,blur,people, Smart life hacks


  • Put your phone into a glass to amplify the sound or you can use a bowl to boost the volume of the phone’s speaker.


Boy eating apple fruit, Smart life hacks


  • If you forgot to brush your teeth or running out of toothpaste then eat an apple. Chewing an apple help with bad breath.


These are the few smart life hacks. Hope you like these hacks. If you have any query then you can comment below.

Credit : Prachi Parate


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