Boost Your Productivity With These 12 Powerful Time Management Tips

Powerful Time Management Tips

While we all have equal time in a day, yet some people seem to have a lot out of the same 24 hours of their day and we start thinking that we are falling behind due to lack of time. Here we have powerful time management tips.

We even get curious if they have the power to slow downtime. Believe it, they don’t have any such power or ability to slow down their time. It is all about optimally utilizing our time with essential time management techniques.

If you also want to get the best out of your 24 hours like them, follow these 12 powerful time management tips.


Planning is Must

One of the most common issues that we are facing is we don’t plan our day. We wake up in the morning and start our day without any plan for the day. We essentially need to take out what are the trivial matters that are going to be taken care of first and what is our aim for the day.

For a good plan we need to get these two steps done:

  • The night before: Before you get to sleep, spend some time reviewing your day and plan your schedule for the next day. Set your goals and priorities for the next day.
  • Morning ritual: Start your morning by reviewing your plan and reminding yourself about the goals and priorities that you have set for the day last night.

With some plans in the hand, you can prioritize things and get them done in a manner that you get the important tasks done first. You may also do any one of both the steps mentioned above.


The 80-20 rule

As discovered by Vilfredo Pareto an analysis known as Pareto analysis figured out that 80% of results can be achieved with 20% efforts. This technique is most commonly used in sales where it is said that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers.
Apply the same rule to your routine. Using this rule, you can try to get down any 5-6 tasks from your to-do list that will eliminate the majority of tasks from your to-do list. For start, it may feel unnatural, but you will start getting normal with this after some time.


Use a to-do list

All goals and projects are accomplished with some small tasks. All you need to do is list down these small tasks in a to-do list. This will help you organize all your tasks as well as you will end up your day knowing which task is done and which is pending. So, you can also keep track of your tasks with the help of this to-do list.

Set a limit on the number of tasks for a given time because there will interruptions that may prevent you from completing a task. So, taking note of that you will be able to complete that task as soon as you will be able to.


Use a digital calendar

The calendar has always been an essential tool for great time management. But with the advent of digital calendars, this job has been taken to the next level. That’s because you can do multiple things using online calendars nowadays. You can easily schedule meetings and appointments, set up reminders, schedule recurring events. You can also track all these with multiple devices.

Can use Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, both work well.


Delegate your work

Delegation or outsourcing of your work will surely lessen your burden. While it may become tricky at times but it is a good measure to save your time. You can also delegate your 20% of your work as per your 80-20 rule which takes a higher amount of effort yet less important.

This will allow you to spend all your time on important tasks. You can either hand over your work to any of your team members as well as you can outsource to a freelancer who is easily available nowadays.


Avoid distractions during work


What we do while working on any report we randomly start checking our phones and leave the work half done. These common distractions look very small initially but taken together they make up a huge loss to us.

Regardless of what caused you to leave the work half done, you end up consuming twice the time to accomplish the same. The only way to set aside these distractions is to be a little harsh to yourself and keep all the measures of your distractions far away from yourself before starting any project.


Batch tasks together

You may also use this technique to save a lot of your time. You can batch similar tasks together so you will end up saving your energy and productivity for another task.

Different type of tasks requires different thinking and mindsets. By batching similar tasks together, you will save your brain from switching gears in between, and with the same mindset you can accomplish all the similar tasks together you will end up saving your time as well as your efforts.


The time limit for each task

Set a time limit for each task either at the planning stage or before beginning your work. With this technique, you will manage all your tasks more efficiently and you can keep track of your productivity.

In a way, it becomes a challenge for yourself to complete the task within the time set before starting.


Change your schedule

If you are reading this article, you might be struggling with time management issues. I am really happy to help you put. The solution sometimes is as easy as changing your schedule, for example, if you are waking up at 6 AM, try waking up an hour earlier. I feel that 5 AM is the most productive hour of a day since it gives time to exercise, plan out your day, and also set some goals for the day as mentioned above as well.

Similar to this you can change many things from your schedule like cutting downtime of watching web series.


Buffer time in between tasks for motivation

When we are engaged in a task, we keep our mind engaged as well in that task, and when we jump immediately from one task to another, we seem to have used our time in a better way. But the effect is opposite since we didn’t get any time to clear our time. After all, it’s explained by studies that a human brain can focus for 90 minutes at a time.

When we keep working for a day-long, we need motivation. It’s more difficult to stay focused without a break. A buffer time helps prevent running late for the next meeting or task. I prefer a 20 minutes buffer time between any tasks or meetings is ideal.


Learn to say ‘No’

It’s really hard to upset anyone, I know but if you’re already full can you eat more? It’s the same situation here. When you have already planned your day and someone asks you to do anything more than that, it’s not easy to go beyond your planned activities.

Saying no isn’t bad until you’re free and can help them.


Eliminate waiting time

Honestly speaking, I am not impatient but I can’t stand waiting. Its because I think that the time spent on waiting could be better spent elsewhere.

However, you can find better alternatives to waiting time. You can either read an inspirational book, blueprint your upcoming tasks, or listen to podcasts.


So Follow These 12 Powerful Time Management Tips and Boost Your Productivity

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